Squeaks and disturbing sounds

Over the last years, the noise in vehicles has decreased significantly by more modern engines and noise insulation systems. In contrast, the percentage of moving parts in the vehicle has increased considerably. The seats can be adjusted in many variations, cup holders, toggle switches, and much more can lead to disturbing creaking, squeaking or rattling noises.

In many years of cooperation with the luxury segment of the automotive industry, the leather centre has developed a range of antifriction coatings that successfully eliminates these noises.

During the development of the LIP ANTIFRICTION COATINGS, two universal products have been developed which are the first choice in noise reduction for workshops, customer services and consumers. Both products are easy to use, create a transparent, durable, elastic, protective film which doesn't bind soil particles. Another benefit is the reduction in wear. Friction sounds are always a sign of wear!

The preparation

  • First, the reason must be found which generates the noise. Ask for help if the noise-generating area is not easily to identify. One person repeatedly performs the noise-provoking movement and the other tries to locate the sound’s origin.
  • Often it’s necessary to uncover the respective area. This may require disassembling parts.
  • Clean the area before application.
  • First choice is PEOX. When the responsible parts are visible or not accessible, use LEISOL.
  • Rub some PEOX into a cloth and apply on the respective surfaces and let dry.
  • Attention! PEOX can cause rust on corrosive surfaces. Also don't apply on acrylic glass or safety-relevant parts like braking systems, etc.!

PEOX Antifriction Cream

PEOX Antifriction Cream is a water-based paste and transparent after drying. It’s used in invisible areas. PEOX is a paste and for a uniform application, it has to be rubbed into a cloth first before application. Unlike greases, the paste forms a durable protective film.

Areas of application: Rust-proof guide rails, lever guides, hinges, switches, threads.

Contact materials: Plastic, artificial leather, leather, fabrics including micro fibre fabrics.

Cleaning: Excess residue can be removed with a damp cloth moistened with hot water.

LEISOL Quiet Cream

LEISOL Quiet Cream is liquid and can be used on visible areas. LEISOL comes in a pump-spray bottle and is therefore first choice for inaccessible areas.

Areas of application: Contacting cushions, rust-sensitive guide rails, sliding roof rails, gaps between chromed and painted plastic parts, seals with and without flocking, inaccessible areas.

Contact materials: Leather, artificial leather, rubber, plastic, fabrics.

Cleaning: Excess residue can be removed with a damp cloth moistened with hot water.

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