The treatment of car leathers

Lederzentrum (The Leather Centre) is Germany's leading specialist in the care, repair and restoration of automotive leathers with many years of experience in all aspects of problem-solving for leather, old and young. The range of products containing the experience of tanners, museum conservators and restoration specialists is now available to all collectors and car enthusiasts.

How to care for and repair new full-grain leather (nappa):

Depending on how soiled the leather is, it should be cleaned with either our Mild or Strong Leather Cleaner. After every use of the cleaner, the leather should then be treated every 3 - 6 months with our Leather Protector. The Leather Protector is ideal for nappa leather. It protects the leather from fading, drying and scratches. Treating the leather in regular terms, it will stay nice much longer.
Important: Treating with just a little bit of the care product in regular terms is much better then treating seldom with lots of product.

The driver seat should be protected additionally with our Leather Shield before using the Leather Protector. The driver seat is the most suffering surface. Using the Leather Shield, scratches and rub damages will be reduced. Cabriolets should be impregnated with our Elephant Leather Preserver.

How to care and repair old leather (nappa):

First, thoroughly clean the leather with either our Mild or Strong Leather Cleaner . Our Leather Cleaning Brush makes this job easier on heavily soiled leather.

We recommend Leather Protector for conditioning the surface of your leather. Leather Protector stops the oxidizing process in leather. The UV filter protects old and valuable leather from fading. In addition to this, the leather retains a soft and supple surface.
Cabriolets should additionally be cared and impregnated with our Elephant Leather Preserver.

Areas with risk of new damages (driver seat) should be protected additionally with our Leather Shield.

Friction damages and fading (mostly driver seat) can be renewed with our Leather Fresh. The colour of the leather will be restored and the original protection coat will be renewed.

Hard leather caused by sun or too little treatment with care products should be softened with our Leather Softener . Deep cracks, rips and larger scratches can be filled and repaired with our Fluid Leather. Rough areas should be smoothed out with our Leather Sanding Pad.

Your leather upholstery can also be professionally restored. We would be glad to recommend a leather specialist.

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